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Blinds for the Roof

Roof blinds are basically just pleated blinds that can be cut into any shape to fit your skylight windows in you conservatory. We offer them with or with out a perfect fit frame, depending on your preferences and budget. The average conservatory can really be transformed into something special when fitted with roof blinds, and there are a number of benefits that come with the blinds also.

Cellular roof blinds

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The new cellular fabrics have a strong honeycomb structure, which eliminates the need for guide wires to run through the blind. This provides a cleaner finish compared to standard pleated blinds, which have small holes to allow the threading of guide wire (see image above, right). The other major benefit of cellular fabric is the backing. It has dim-out and full blackout options and it's specially coated to protect it from sunlight, and help regulate the temperature in your conservatory. For more information on this, see Energy Saving Fabrics. Cellular roof blinds must be in perfect fit frames.

Framed Roof blinds

Framed roof can be shaped to fit most roof windowsEasy to operateVersatile enough to be shaped around obtuse windows

Their are a few big advantages to framed roof blinds. The frame holds the blind flush to the window for a start, which improves privacy, light filtration and energy efficiency. They also provide a neater finish, with the edges of the blind concealed inside the frame. However, the biggest and most desirable advantage is that the frames require no drilling to install. This means that your conservatory remains hole-free if you ever needed to take the blinds down.

Blinds for the Sides

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