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Child Safety

Here at Harmony Blinds, child safety is paramount. We offer a range of options to ensure all of our window furnishings are of no danger to children or pets. Such options usually provide a way of eliminating, or concealing, cords and chains to avoid strangulation.

As full members to the British Blinds & Shutters Association, we whole-heartedly endorse the 'Make it safe' campaign and therefore instruct all of our consultants to perform a free survey of your current blinds to see if any improvements can be made for you.

Please, ask your consultant about the many child safety features we have to offer. Here are a few.


Monocommand VOGUE

Combining the tilt chain and the draw cord of a vertical blind, the monowand system is completely safe for children. It is also easy to use, simply pull the louvres back and forth to open and close the blind, and twist the wand to tilt the drapes.

For use with: Vertical blinds

Cord Cleat

cord cleat

Available for any blind type with free hanging cords, the cleat is a simple yet effective way of making blinds safe. It is attached to a nearby wall, within reach of the blind's cord. Then when the cord is not in use, the cord is wrapped around the cleat, keeping it out of the reach of little hands.

For use with: Roman blinds, Pleated blinds, Venetian blinds

Cord tidy

Cord chain tidy vert

The cord tidy works in a similar manner to the cleat. However, the cords or chains are permanently held between the device's walls so that they never dangle freely. The blind's general operation is unhindered by this device as it allows the cord to run through it freely.

For use with: Vertical blinds, Roller blinds, Vision Blinds



The ultrawand system for venetian blinds provides an all-in-one operation method. The raise cord is lead through the middle of the clear tilt mechanism, and tidied up neatly at the end with a built in cleat. This completely eliminates dangling cords.

For use with: Venetian blinds

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