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Made to Measure Roller blinds by Harmony Blinds North London

Providing a bold finish in any room, Roller blinds have been a household favourite for many years. Finishing a room with a block of bold colour, or a striking pattern is an obvious appeal. Roller blinds are easy to use and maintain, and highly customisable, which only makes them even more desirable.


Customise your roller blind with pulls, poles, shaped edges and braids.


There are many shaped edges available, be sure to ask your consultant about your options

 Shaped edges on roller add a touch of styleShaped edge roller blindsshapedroller3

Conservatory Rollers

Conservatory rollers

Roller blinds are poplular in Conservatories. Many of our roller fabrics completely block sunlight out, eliminating glare. Some even have special backings which help regulate temperature, stopping your conservatory from being too hot.

Conservatory blinds

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You can have a look at the fabric range online, before you make your mind up.

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