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Conservatory Blinds by Harmony of North London

A lot of our customers desire Conservatory blinds for very specific reasons, here are the most common things we hear.

Heat Control


A huge issue for conservatory owners is heat control. In the summertime, your conservatory can become uncomfortably hot. Your bare skylights will provide little or no resistance to the heat beaming of the sun, and your beautiful conservatory becomes too hot to actually sit in. On the other hand, come Winter, your conservatory will become cold. Your heating will be unefficient, as all the heat will escape through your skylight windows and leave your conservatory freezing. Our Energy Saving Fabrics can help.


Glare on TV

If you have ever tried reading a book in your conservatory, or watching television, then you'll understand this issue perfectly. Sometimes the slightest bit of sunshine can make these past-times become impossible due to the glare that is thrown on to your TV screen or your pages in your favourite book.

We provide a large range of Roller Blinds with many blackout fabrics available. Also, you might consider Roof Blinds, these will block out any glare you may be getting from your skylight windows.


Blinds downBlinds up

Do you sometimes feel like you're sitting in a goldfish bowl? Well window blinds can help you feel more in control of people looking in. The perfect fit system helps this by also removing any gaps down the side of the blind giving you total privacy from those nosy neighbors!



Last, but not least, decor. Sometimes it feels like the last thing that is considered, given the importance of heat control as well as other motives. However, it remains true that blinds can really complete a room's decor, and many people buy them as a fashion accessory.

If that is the case for you, you won't be disappointed by us. We never compromise on quality, that's why we only use superior fabrics and componentry to make our blinds. Our industry-leading, UK based fabric suppliers have a vast and varied range of patterns, textures and colours and they are always in tune with the latest fashions and modern designs. If your interested in having a stylish conservatory, you should check out our fabric ranges.

If any of these apply to you, we would be glad to help. Our experience and expertise has helped us to solve many a conservatory problem before now, so you can rest assured we can give you the solution to suit you.

Blinds for the sides

connyBlinds for the sides

Blinds for the roof

versatile pleated roofBlinds for the Roof

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